Photography Use Permission List 2011

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The following list indicates permission granted or denied by Author Anne Bertucci for Photograph Rendering, Graphic Artwork, or Photograph Original use. 
United States Library Of Congress via Copyright Visual Arts Form inclusively covers the following persons or businesses currently using these protected photos or graphic artwork. 

CHUBBY STARZ                                             APPROVED
THE SADDLEBAGS                                        APPROVED
BWB                                                                 APPROVED
CHUBBY STARZ                                             APPROVED
CHICKLETZ                                                     APPROVED
SHILOH                                                           APPROVED
Skallywagz                                                     APPROVED
Jeff Swisstack                                              APPROVED
Venus Charisma-Public Access                APPROVED
4 Stories   2001-2006                                 APPROVED
Anne Bertucci                                              APPROVED
Shellie Dorman 2000-2006                       APPROVED
Cynthia Manley                                            REFERENCE ONLY
Debra Laposky                                            APPROVED
Michael Pontalion                                       APPROVED
Shaina Palmer                                            APPROVED
Dave Patt                                                    APPROVED
Jimmy Raschell                                          APPROVED
Doug West                                                  APPROVED
Mercy Powell                                              APPROVED
Miranda Melson                                          APPROVED   
Pasadena Opera Guild                             APPROVED
David Harvey                                             APPROVED
Kathryn Grimm                                          APPROVED
Rynata                                                         APPROVED
LA Girlz 2006-07                                        APPROVED
LA Girlz 2003-2004                                   APPROVED
Jerry Jones-Haskins                                APPROVED
Rachelle Romeo                                        REFERENCE ONLY
Kathrin Kraft                                              APPROVED
Lynn Lowrey                                               APPROVED
Barbara Leoni                                            APPROVED
Danny Leoni                                               APPROVED
Helene Dorman                                         APPROVED
Rebecca Eastman                                     APPROVED
The California Girls, et al.                        APPROVED
Helynn Miller                                               APPROVED
Namechangers                                           APPROVED
Charles Lyons                                              APPROVED
Jessica Williams                                         APPROVED
Zola Moon                                                    APPROVED
Babes Of Blues, et al                                REFERENCE ONLY
Janine Stadler                                            APPROVED
Dem Bitches, et al                                      APPROVED
Lisa Haslehurst                                           APPROVED
Joe Palmieri                                                APPROVED
Tommy Dean                                              APPROVED
Craig Fowler                                                REFERENCE ONLY
Steve Huff                                                   APPROVED
Mark Mlcoch                                                APPROVED
Mike Rader                                                  APPROVED
Ed & Colleen Chess                                    APPROVED

Listing on this page qualifies you to utilize all photos and photo renderings submutted to you by Anne Bertucci 1994-2011

For Information regarding approval for photos newly rendered or not listed above, please send a request to the e-mail address noted on this page.