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Photo & Slideshow page

Enjoy some of Da places Da Blondes have been visiting...

    These girls have been checking out many cool places and
report back to future patrons and party animals with the
most HONEST and UN-BIASED critique.  This way, fellow PARTY PEOPLE won't have to waste the money on a bad night out. 

Da Blondes party on with Kathryn Grimm at The Big Fish in
Glendale!  MARCH 2008 with loads of friends, and a great night jamming!

Da Blondes party on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY in Burbank!  What a hootin' goot time with DaBlondes getting into the New York Mode...FEBRUARY 2008

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Da Blondes party in Tucson, Arizona with our buddy
Natalie..Then join Da Blondes as they check out the desert museum and other trippy things in Arizona..November 2007

Da Blondes drop in on The Skallywagz for a "yee-haaa"
night of fun, friends, and Livation!  Thanks to Joe & Lisa
for making our night a great one!!

Annie's Going Away Party-
Thanks To Rebi and Shaina for making
this party a great one!

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