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New Years 2011


Da Blondes in 1940's wardrobe!
December was filled with many events..mostly for the Holiday season which meant crazy parties and much frolic! 
We checked out a couple of things that seemed better as an idea than actually showing up, including what I refer to as "Bad Palidinos" where I sat in with a buddy's band.  Too strange, and we got outa there and also felt very bad for my buddy left to play the rest of the night.
Christmas was spent on the road, and we came back to New Years Eve doing an acting gig for Sandy's Entertainment Agency PARTIES FANTASTIC.COM, so we partied it up to the MAX in Hollywood at the Hollywood HIghland Center and did our gig being "The Papparazzi" for a New Years Eve Event which was over at 9:30 so we were let free to head out!
Decided to run down to Dillons at Hollywood and Vine where we were going to try to meet up with friends, and Scott O was one who made it down on the train from Universal City.  We rode FREE and hung out at Hollywood and Vine at The Frolic Room and Has a blast!  Another crazy month for Da Blondes!

November 2010


November jammers
 We had a great time checking out Kathryn's Jam at the BIG FISH in Glendale, and
remembering that the jam has been going on for YEARS every third Sunday of the
month made the night a solid bet for partying.  Even though it is an early night,
that makes more fun to a weekend that puts us home at a reasonable hour!  Her jam is from 6pm to 10pm and many people come down for loads of talent and good music.
We heardiy reccommend a quick night out on Sunday evening when Kathryn runs her
jam as the people attending can be just as entertaining as the music on stage!

October 2010


October Places to Hang
   As mentioned in the front page information, Cracker and Coaster
Halloween Midnight Show was a blast for Da Blondes
We have been checking out many things in the Los Angeles area and
are about to embarque on some holiday travel so that we can tell
everyone about the latest and fun places to hang.  Good times at WHISPERZ
in Tujunga for Shaina's birthday party, and found that any party can be located
here so as to command a bar-party atmosphere for KICKS.  We reccommend
calling this place and seeing if they will let you party on there!
Also, the CIA was a cool place (In No Ho) to check out with that state-of-the-art ARTWORK and very strange sculptings scatterd around a "maze" induced party place. Certainly something that would be difficult if you were wasted!  Otherwise, if you are trippin or just curious about the venue, please check this place out!

2010 Recap
Da Blondes
Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Party Animals, Happy 4/20 and more stuff



Diamond Dave's Birthday Party
2010  Whoo HOOOOO


The year 2010 has been a party and community fun time for Da Blondes... Annie is FINALLY starting to post Da Blondes photos and fun times because she has graduated college!  Now, time to do more PARTYING!  Check out the latest 2010 photos from this summer fun, and assorted other events, and also...stay tuned for more photos as soon as we get them organized for posting! 
2 0 1 0 has been a BLAST and DA BLONDES have been checking out every band and good party place all YEAR!
     A fun trip for New Year's Eve started out Da Blondes 2010 with an overnighter in Carpenteria on the So Cal coast.  Oh man...what a night.. Photos and proof of making it through the night are on the New Year's Eve page.. check them out!  Great entertainment and fun for the whole town!
     Cracker and Coasters 4/20 celebration this year was a BLAST.. Da Blondes made their "Baclyard Hoes" appearance and sang for the hit tune.  Check out the video of the performance on the Cracker and Coaster page.
     Summer hit with a BANG!  Rebel's birthday celebration on the Queen Mary for 2 days was a total experience.  June was full of parties and concerts, along with the travel antics of Da Blondes.
Diamond Daves birthday was a hoot in July... Da Blondes were out in full force and the party was rockin!  Thank you to BB Chung King for letting us up to jam, and we did have a "blind" time all night long.
The California Girls at RIO RIO in Pasadena brought Da Blondes out in to party and rock with Da Girls. 
Hanging out in Newport with Birthday girl, Codi and Da Mini Blondes at Billy's cottage was a total hoot, along with a blast at Joe's Crab Shack, the fun commenced early and did not stop for 24 hours!  Great times and a most beautiful weekend for DaBlondes!
     The 4th of July fun at Marina Del Rey was a total trip!  Met up with friends and we all ended up visiting a friend (Venus Christma- Grown up Child Star singer from the Phillipines) who lives on the Pramanade in her own condo.  Venus had her own Cable Access Show called "Insight In Action" which features new artists and talented bands.  Annie was on the tv show a couple of times, so we thought we would accept the invitation to drop by and maybe watch fireworks from her balcony.  All I can say, I know that DaBlondes will not forget ROOT BEER and CHAMPAGNE and a very sweet departure for Da Blondes. 
     August has been full of catching up and birthday/graduation parties for Da Blondes.  A few pool parties and some "happy hour" gatherings have been a good opportunity to get back together with "alumni blondes" who will be hanging out with us while we make our critical rounds.

July& August 2008
Da Blondes


The month of July was a slow one, only because of the many different locations that we headed, and the situation with Rebi moving!    So.. we all just partied on during the month of July, and prepared for a birthday week in August for Annie!
     We went out and partied at a musical event in Tujunga with some hot bands playiojng for the Watermelon Fesitval, so we drank, ate watermelon and checked out the bands.  Not bad for a hot night out..
   Also..we headed to Corona Del Mar and hung out for the night with our friend and were  taken out to Villa Nova for a GREAT dinner and many drinks.  Onward we partied and sun tanned at the beach all day. 
    Off to Los Angeles to hang out with more of my maniac another birthday night out and SUSHI for everyone.  Great to see Davey & Karen Patt, Cathi. and many other friends who spent the evening eating and "TURNING JAPANEESE"


June 2008


Da Blondes
     The month of June is always a continuous party for DA BLONDES!  To start with, this is Rebi's birthday month, and we all had quite a surprise in store for her.  We gave her a surprise party in Burbank and she totally fell for it!  Check out the photos and stay tuned for some footage with testimonials, etc. 
     Then...Da Blondes headed for LAS VEGAS!  To start with, Rebi was honored with a beautiful penhouse Suite at the newly remondeled Nugget downtown, and Da Blondes all got their own two room suite to boot!  These girls are SO LUCKY!  I think that Rebi's birthday was blessed with good fortune, and many strange incidents, but all in all, the time was a TOTAL BLAST, and there is quite a pile of photos and footage commemorating the event.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBI  !!!!
     Also, the end of the month was Cathi's 5th Annual Summer Party in West Hills, and Kathryn joined Annie for a night of "QUIET" entertainment, as the cops came even before the dang gig got started!  YOU GOTTA HATE THAT!  Da Girls decided to attempt the gig anyway, and just tried to keep the volume down, while getting blasted to ease the pain! 
     Not too many people playing this month that were calling our names, but we did check out a few things in Hollywood and scoped out some activity in the Dodger Stadium to experience some LA ATHLETICS for a change!  Go Team!


May 2008


Da Blondes
"We'll See.."
Look like a month of crazy stuff soming up for Da Blondes... May 9th will be Da Blondes visit with Barbara Leoni at Harrah's in Reno, Nevada to see the Greg London Show.  She and her husband Danny Leoni are in the show and have been doing this for about a year.  They have been performing all over the world, including an extended stay in London UK.  Can't wait to comment on this!
May 19 - 23 will be filled with upcoming events in the Los Angeles area.
Including a visit to see Freakin' Missy and a couple of other great local bands!  Visit her website at: for more upcoming dates!
     This month we would like to refer our friends THE SKALLYWAGZ for your local cool Top 40 band, and hope you will all get to see them coming up in June at Ricky Genes in Lomita at 1831 W. Pacific Coast Highway, Lomita - (310) 534-9468.   Visit their website at: for more information. You will love this band!
     We also recommend the great all-girl group THE UNDERCOVER GIRLS.  These are excellent musicians with a great, high energy show that will knock you off your feet!  Visit their website at:  for all their information and many shows coming up this month.  They will be at Hermosa Beach on the 25th for the music festival in the Beer Garden.  Brings back memories of 4 Stories playing that exact gig...loads of beer and a great time!

April 2008
Thumbs UP
Oh my Gosh the 4/20 show was great.  The best bands were there at Safari Sam's with GREEN JELLO headlining for a night of W H A C K E D  mania.  Da Blondes were invited to perform with GREEN JELLO as "The Backyard Hoes" so during the performance they were lead on stage with a multitude of other characters.
The best band of the musical night was indeed was SUICIDE HOLIDAY with an outstanding lead singer and a truly talented chick drummer.  I kept expecting the chick to stand up and look like a Sumo Wrestler, but she was just darling, and very cute!  The power of this band makes for a great show, and they were by far the best act, musically of the the evening.
As usual, Da Blondes were asked to pose for photos on the Red Carpet, and were interviewed for the local news with the publisher Rock City News.  This was a fun interview and Da Blondes were in rare form as they gave their insight to the great day being celebrated.  All in all.. a THUMBS UP NIGHT!
DA BLONDES ALSO HUNG OUT AT THE LONG BEACH GRAND PRIX!  A friend invited Da Blondes to hang out in Long Beach Harbor while the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend was filled with many of Southern Californians.  We partied on a yacht that was moored directly behind the grandstands, with an outstanding view of the Queen Mary and the lighthouse.  Da Blondes checked out a few things and determined that the yacht was the best place to party, so we hung for the evening.  Pretty interesting, with a great video to soon follow.

March 2008


     Da Blondes saw many bands and have been checking out different venues to go and party.  We have determined that the local hangouts for most in Los Angeles are the best, based on the gas crisis and assorted other monitary factors.  We recommend that you all go and see our friend Kathryn Grimm and her Sunday Jamm once a month.  We always go when we are available and love to sing and play with The Kathryn Grimm Band. There is no cost to get in, and the talent is outstanding!  You never know who you will see there!

February 2008


Definately a Good One
     This month was the crazy jamm month with not only the Kathryn Grimm Band but with our friend Michael P.  We also thought it would be a blast to check out the Whiskey Bend in Burbank for a quick drink, and to see if they had entertainment at all.  Annie's band used to play there in the old days, and the place was used for the Cracker Wood video shoot last year.  We dropped in to see a Karaoke show going on, and thought it would be funny to participate.  The video is on the Whiskey Bend page in this site.  Visit the Whickey Bend if you want to party with the locals, and feel like you're in a small town pub.  No cover, and there is always a pool table or something strange going on in there!

January 2008


Go New York!
     The end of this month was all about the Superbowl, even though it actually happened in Feb.  We had a great time at our friend's house making balloons, drinking, and dissing everyone in town!  This was certainly a great time, and the month of January was filled with visits to restraunts, and more trips to see off-the-wall bands that are not being promoted.  We have been checking out the local Burbank locations, including being out of town for the Arizona party scene.  Da Blondes have been to a few cool places in Tucson, and have very good photos and experiences to share.  We frequently grab our friend Natalie, and head out to cause trouble in the Southwest towns, and have a good time when there.